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Nordic Steel Systems manufactures precision, high performance, premium foundation systems and steel SuperPanel™ to make construction easier, stronger and cost-effective.

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Smart homes begin with Smart Materials and Smart Methodology

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When choosing to build a home design, style and size are crucial considerations, equally if not more crucial is its build quality and durability. Regardless of what your home will look like, if it is not well built or structurally reliable, your most important investment is subject to unacceptable risk. Too many homes built today, still utilize outdated methods, with an over reliance on job site, framing skills, not to mention the almost impossible task of providing quality assurance on every piece of lumber used. We eliminate these uncertainties by guaranteeing factory controlled angular and dimensional precision, material consistency, and far superior quality. Your home should be an appreciable asset, not one fraught with unexpected maintenance and repair issues. Nordic Steel Systems is here to help your home be a more reliable and sure investment and in the process, help the environment as well..

taking advantage

Our practical foundations and advanced framing solution for exterior walls offers both the professional and DIY homebuilder many advantages to existing & outmoded building methods. Nordic Steel Systems produces a 14 gauge, G90 galvanized Steel
SuperPanel for all residential framing applications which exceed residential building codes. Our panels are nominal 2×6 and come in varying heights and widths to suit nearly all build requirements. Fully sheathed at the factory with a choice of premium, full
½” exterior structural sheathing, our panels ensure much greater quality and durability compared to traditional stick-built framing, it’s not even a contest. Part & parcel of our system is carefully coordinated logistics to maximize build efficiency. Your panels show up at the job site fully assembled and sequenced to cut build time allowing you or your customers to enjoy their home sooner.

reducing build cost never felt so good

While the average lumber framed home takes acres of trees that took decades to grow to make it happen; Nordic Steel Systems can do the same using the equivalent of 5-6 junked vehicle’s worth of recycled, structural steel. We use American recycled steel in our products which can reduce landfill waste by 30-35% or more. With precision, pre-assembled panels, you also save time and framing labor, as well as job site clean-up; all which puts money back in your pocket.

build anywhere

Our patented foundation system and SuperPanels ships directly to your location. We simplify the build process and since our foundations require minimal excavation, it allows you to build in locations that might otherwise have been off limits in the past. Our panels ship completely assembled and sequenced for exceptionally simple and quick set up. Since our foundation and structural wall panel systems come in multiple convenient sizes, you can plug and play the assortment you require to build the structure you have in mind.

Build IT Better

We have resuscitated a long established and reliable foundation system and adapted it to modern and more sustainable standards.  A superbly strong and easier to build system that relies less on costly concrete, one especially suited to modern, more moderately sized, residential builds that are better for the environment that saves time and cost compared to traditional foundation systems.

Our SuperPanel, 14 Gauge Structural wall panel system was designed to bring residential framing to 21st century standards. Strict reliance on outdated stick-built (lumber) framing methods has too many drawbacks, both in terms of build durability, quality and longevity, not to mention the environment.   Wood still has a vital role to play in the building of your home, but this is better suited to engineered wood products. The structural, perimeter walls of modern residential building requires a much better approach. 

Nordic Steel Systems, steel SuperPanels offers much greater strength, precision, ease of use, and overall quality, your home will be built faster, with less labor and its associated cost, last much longer, designed to last centuries, not decades.

ecominimal DESIGN

Ecological & Economic principles combined with minimalist design concepts to create a more earth-friendly & harmonious building and construction methodology.


Build a permanent & solid foundation in less than half the time for less cost in labor / materials; and do it with minimal soil disruption.  Nordic Steel’s patented foundation system allows building flexibility without compromising longevity, durability and strength.  Our superbly strong, premium & high performance 14 Ga. structural steel panels ensures your home is built faster, while vastly improving build quality.   Your home will last longer, perform better, retain greater value and be a far better investment.  But wait! There’s more, your home will also be a more sustainable and earth friendly build.


Although it is not a fair apples to apples comparison to conventional, lumber framed methods and poured concrete foundations, Nordic Steel Systems’ foundations and structural steel SuperPanels panel system can save you time and money.   How can we provide superior quality, and have it cost less?  Simple, compared to traditional concrete foundations and wood framed construction we can save you considerable expense in labor and construction financing costs, these savings are provable and not at all hard to achieve; all it takes is proper planning and logistics, and that is the other and equally critical component to what we do. We’re here for you.

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