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We are not reinventing foundations we are making them easier to construct, better for the environment and saving you money compared to traditional foundation systems.
Our panel system is designed to build your home faster and stronger by shipping completed structural panels which you piece together on the job site.  Our panels are 10X stronger than traditional 2×6 wood construction.


Combination of Ecological & Economical principals with minimalist design for creating a more earth-friendly building and construction.


Build a rock solid foundation in less than half the time for half the cost and be able to build anyway with minimal soil disruption.  The Nordic Steel pier post anchor system allows building flexibility without compromising longevity, durability and strength.

Our steel reinforced panel system allows you to construct your home in less time while making it stronger.


Our anchor and panel system will save you time and money compared to traditional concrete foundations and wood framed construction.

Our Products

Nordic Steel Systems manufactures anchor systems and steel super panels to make construction easier, stronger and cost-effective.  Check out our products page for more information.

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