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Nordic Steel SuperPanel™ System

Nordic Steel’s SuperPanel™ can be adapted to virtually any type of residential and commercial construction project. Our panels exceed all residential building codes for structural framing. Our panels are up to 10X stronger than a comparable 2×6 lumber wall. Short of welding a steel framed structure, no other prefabricated panel offers greater relative strength and structural integrity.

Our panels are cost-effective cutting framing labor costs and can substantially reduce time to completion. A faster build dynamic shrinks overall job site framing costs.

Nordic Steel’s panels provide superior energy efficiency. With wall cavities of five inches, our panels can be insulated to achieve R25 or better. With no air gaps, straighter and more parallel planar surfaces, and although made from exceptionally strong, 14 Ga. structural steel, SuperPanel™ when properly have no thermal bridging; resulting in cutting operating costs  by significantly improving energy efficiency.

 Although SuperPanels™ come in four stock sizes, i.e. 8 feet high with 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet  widths, we also offer taller panels, and custom widths to 1/16”.   All SupePanels™ can be ordered with specific rough openings for windows and doors making to suit your specific design.

Nordic Steel’s SuperPanels™ are precision built under factory-controlled conditions to ensure dimensional & angular precision and quality control.  No SuperPanel™ leaves the assembly plant without undergoing a 5 stage, quality control process, ensuring no inconvenient surprises at the job site.   SuperPanels™ are delivered on time in a pre-planned, numerical sequence ready to be installed at the job site saving costs in both labor and time to completion.    A 2,000 Sq. Ft. build can be erected by 4 or less non specialized framing laborers in 5 hour or less.

Each panel is perfectly square, level and plumb and each is factory, pre-sheathed with a choice of full, 11/2”  premium exterior structural sheathing ensuring each panel aligns with the next and are installed with remarkable ease, precision, and speed.

To prevent headaches with inconsistent parameters and variable job site foundation dimensions, we provide an easily adjustable panel for each wall so installation does not miss a beat.

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