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start strong

When building a home there are many designs, astetics and options for you to choose from. Regardless of what your home will look like if it is not built structurally strong you put your investment at risk. Our foundation system allows you to build with proven pier foundation methods while giving you the strength of steel and the ability to build your home in any environment while maintaining the environment where you build.

rise to the occasion

Once the foundation is complete we offer an advanced framing solution for exterior walls. Nordic Steel Systems produces a Steel Super Panel for all framing applications which meet and exceed residential building codes for structural framing. Our panels come in varying heights and widths to suit all building requirements. Built with G90 steel framing and 1/2″ exterior sheathing our panels far outlast traditional stick-built framing. Additionally, panels show up at the job site fully assembled which cuts build time allowing you or your customers to enjoy their home sooner.

reduce waste, cost and feel good

Our system gives you a home using the equivalent of 5-6 junked cars. We use American recycled steel in our products which can reduce landfill waste by 30-35%. With assembled panels, you also save on labor which puts money back in your pocket.

build anywhere

With our anchor and panel system we ship this direct to your location. Since our foundation minimally disrupts the soil you are able to build in locations that might have been off limits in the past. Our panels ship assembled and once they up erected you can start finishing off the build. Our panels come in various sizes so you can plug and play an assortment of our panels to build the structure you have in mind.

Build Better

We are not reinventing foundations we are making them easier to construct, better for the environment and saving you money compared to traditional foundation systems.
Our panel system is designed to build your home faster and stronger by shipping completed structural panels which you piece together on the job site.  Our panels are 10X stronger than traditional 2×6 wood construction.


Combination of Ecological & Economical principals with minimalist design for creating a more earth-friendly building and construction.


Build a rock solid foundation in less than half the time for half the cost and be able to build anyway with minimal soil disruption.  The Nordic Steel pier post anchor system allows building flexibility without compromising longevity, durability and strength.

Our steel reinforced panel system allows you to construct your home in less time while making it stronger.


Our anchor and panel system will save you time and money compared to traditional concrete foundations and wood framed construction.

Our Products

Nordic Steel Systems manufactures anchor systems and steel super panels to make construction easier, stronger and cost-effective.  Check out our products page for more information.




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